Battery Technology Solutions, Inc.

Continuous Lead-Acid
Battery Production Automation

Battery Technology Solutions Inc. (BTS) is a Canadian company that designs, builds and sells lead-acid battery manufacturing automation solutions for high-speed, continuous, SLI and industrial plate making. Our continuous production line technology is currently used in 40% of the world's SLI lead-acid battery manufacturing facilities. 

Our mission is to provide our customers with innovative battery manufacturing technology solutions and services of exceptional value, giving them a recognized competitive advantage. Inspired by our core values and best business practices, BTS sets the standard for quality and reliability. Our first production line equipment, installed over 20 years ago, is still in production, and over 25% of the world's automotive batteries are produced using BTStechnology. We continue to innovate with the objective of creating the most efficient lead-acid battery production automation solutions, and enabling our customers to produce the world's lightest and most efficient  battery plates.

innovative lead-acid battery production technology

  • Stronger, Lighter Battery Plates - BTS's high-speed, continuous processes ensure that you produce the highest quality, lightest plates with the best possible efficiency for SLI and industrial batteries
  • Alloy flexibility, strip production – BTS's Multi-Alloy Strip Caster technology enables various alloy formulations in the production of lead alloy strip for grid manufacturing.
  • Grid production – BTS's Rotary Expander technology is recognized as the industry standard for positive and negative plate production.  The Rotary Expander produces the grid and works in conjunction with the pasting and stacking of the grids in a continuous process.
  • Paste Mixing – BTS's Continuous Paste Mixer (CPM) and Continuous Paste Moisture Analyzer (CPMA) technology provide the precision and consistency necessary for continuous just in time paste production.